T H E  R U S S I A N  B R I D E

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THE RUSSIAN BRIDE is a film based on the true story of a desperate single mother in Russia with a troubled relationship history seeking a better life for her and daughter via an international dating website. 

An American solitary billionaire offers the escape she seeks and brings her to the US to be his wife. Everything seems idyllic despite the strange servants. But when the real reason for importing his new family is revealed he sends their lives spiraling into a living hell and the mother and daughter find themselves fighting for survival. 

The movie was filmed at an English Tudor estate in the Midwest.



Every year men entice Internet brides to a foreign land only to treat their new "wives" as slaves. Behind tightly closed doors, neighbors, and even police, often ignore their cries for help. It's a shameful problem that needs light to be focused on to it.

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