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ALLÍ ABAJO (Down there) is a Spanish television comedy series produced by Plano a Plano for Antena 3. It has a similar plot to that on the french movie Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis. It premiered to more than 6 million viewers on a simulcast airing on Antena 3, Neox and Nova, becoming the most-watched series premiere of a Spanish television show since Aída in 2005 and the best series premiere for an Antena 3 show since Compuesta y sin novio in 1994, also surpassing the hit El Tiempo Entre Costuras (also scored by Cesar Benito).

The series revolves around Iñaki (Jon Plazaola), a 30-year-old man who has never left his hometown in Northern Spain. He lives in San Sebastián with his dominant mother Maritxu (Ane Gabarain) who sees Iñaki as a perennial child unable to move forward in life on his own. Iñaki runs a bar he inherited from his late father. He works around the clock and only stops for his weekly meeting with thhree longtime friends to play cards.

One day Iñaki has no option but to join his mother on a trip to Seville in Southern Spain–"down there", which will change his life forever after he accidentally meets Carmen (María León).


Seasons  /  Temporadas

I (2015)

II (2016)

III (2017)

IV (2018)

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